Movie: Kindred (2020)

I’ll keep it short for a change.

2020’s Kindred is a British thriller that is largely a variation on the setup of Rosemary’s Baby.

That’s not to say this film is derivative—more like it will appeal to those who like that type of movie.

Tamara Lawrence is a pregnant woman imprisoned in the house of her deceased boyfriend’s mother (Fiona Shaw).  Also in the house is Jack Lowden as a suspicious character whose reason for being there is slow to be revealed.

Unlike Rosemary’s Baby, there is a tad more ambiguity to the proceedings here.  It is possible that, like that film, witchcraft could be involved.  There’s also the possibility Lawrence is suffering from mental illness.  There is definitely a conspiracy involved, but the extent and nature of it isn’t as clear as in that earlier film.


Dir: Joe Marcantonio

Starring Tarmara Lawrence, Fiona Shaw, Jack Lowden

Watched on Shout Factory blu-ray