Movie: Bedtime for Bonzo (1951)

Prior to finally seeing 1951’s Bedtime for Bonzo, all I knew about the pictures was all the jokes about it around the time Ronald Reagan was president.  I remember how appalled many people were that the star of something this bad could possibly get elected to the highest office in the land.  If I had […]

Movie: Count Dracula (1970)

According to IMDB, Jess Franco directed 207 movies, short films and music videos.  I can admire that proficiency, but I usually appreciate quality over quantity.  The few films of his I had seen prior to watching 1970’s Count Dracula had left little impression on me other than confusion.  I was not surprised to learn Franco’s […]

Movie: Black Sunday (1977)

In 1964, John Frankenheimer directed this amazing movie titled The Train, which shows various factions in Europe trying to steal, or prevent the theft of, treasures looted by the Nazis.  There’s a jaw-dropping scene where two trains collide head-on and this was accomplished by really smashing full-sized locomotives together. Roughly 15 years later, his Black […]

Movie: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)

After watching 1970’s When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, I decided to do so some fact-checking.  I learned the moon is estimated to be roughly 4.5 billion years old.  The era of the dinosaurs spanned from 245 to 65 million years ago.  In comparison, the earliest homo sapiens only started appearing 300,000 years ago.  I knew […]

Movie: Lonelyhearts (1958)

In the opening credits for 1958’s Lonelyhearts, I noticed this was based on a novel by Nathanael West, author of Day of the Locust.  That novel was a nasty piece of work, and the 1975 film adaptation stayed true to its spirit.  I have not read the source material for Lonelyhearts, but I was curious […]

Movie: Night Visitor (1989)

The boy who cried wolf is one of those tropes used consistently through the history of film.  It was given a contemporary spin few times in the 80’s in such horror films such Fright Night, where you had the boy who cried vampire.  1989 film Night Visitor takes this trope even further, with the boy […]

Movie: Rollerball (1975)

I find it interesting how sports invented for movies are always a tad ridiculous.  The titular game in 1975’s Rollerball seemed to me to have elements of roulette, roller derby, motorcycle racing, jai alai and basketball.  The game the Whos play in How the Grinch Stole Christmas feels saner in comparison, and that one was […]

Movie: Time Out of Mind (1947)

1947’s Time Out of Mind is largely a forgettable melodrama, but it has one scene I suspect I will remember for quite some time.  I’ll probably remember it long after I have forgotten which movie it’s from.  In this scene, a concert pianist (Robert Hutton) is on the stage of a New York City symphonic […]

Movie: Strange Bedfellows (1965)

If the movie studios in the 50’s and 60’s were so concerned about competing with television, why did they insist on releasing so many theatrical films that were of the quality and nature of small screen fare?  If somebody wanted to see a comedy where the humor is largely people shouting at each other, and […]

Movie: Man on a Swing (1974)

I’m just going to come out a say something: Joel Grey is a creepy motherfucker.  He’s perfectly cast in 1974’s Man on a Swing, where he plays an alleged clairvoyant who insists on helping the police investigate the murder of a young woman.  He may or may not have such powers, he may or not […]

Movie: Panic in the Streets (1950)

1950’s Panic in the Streets is a noir about trying to stop a possible epidemic of pneumonic plague.  That is an interesting idea for the genre, and the only other film I can think of that did this is the same year’s The Killer That Stalked New York.  But that one was about smallpox, as […]

Movie: Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype

Oliver Reed once wrestled Alan Bates naked on the screen in Ken Russell’s Women in Love.  I wonder if that was more than, or a less than, embarrassing experience when compared to starring in 1980’s Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype.  I’m still trying to figure out why Reed took this role at all.  It is […]

Summer and Heat (a mix)

This mix was originally intended for July, but a largely scorching hot May led me to move this up to June. In general, I tried not to include songs that are explicitly about the season, hence the absence of such numbers as Sly and the Family Stone’s “Hot Fun In The Summertime” or Mungo Jerry’s […]