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Tainted love

Note: “Tainted Love” not included in this mix. For this month, I decided to create a mix of love songs for Valentine’s Day, except these are about it in its unrequited form or when affection curdles into something foul. Everything is fine in my relationship, but I just thought those whose isn’t on such solid […]

New mix for a new year

January is an odd month. After all the hurried activity leading up to the holidays near the end of the previous year, it feels like somebody slammed the brakes on reality. Heck, the early Roman essentially treated it and February as if they didn’t even exist–they just lumped them together into a dead space outside […]

The non-holiday December mix

I’m not big on Christmas music. It seems like my favorites of the genre are tracks I could listen to any time of the year. The rest of it is pure nostalgia, which may be my least favorite kind of sentiment. And, given how omnipresent that music is at this time of year, it is […]


Like most people my age, I used to make a great many mixtapes, back when these were on cassette and so were truly mixtapes.  I welcomed the age of being able to burn compact discs in a computer, enabling easier mix creation and duplication.  I think it’s funny how few people have any equipment to […]

Music: Mutations (Beck, 1998)

As I write this, a huge portion of the Canadian wilderness is engulfed in flames and air currents have carried the smoke south of the 49th parallel, resulting in extremely poor air quality across the northeastern United States.  This has resulted in a weird haze that has noticeably changed the strength, and even hue, of […]

Music: Tubeway Army (Tubeway Army, 1978)

One of the highlights of the 1981 concert film Urgh! A Music War is seeing Gary Numan perform “Down in the Park.”  Fantastic song, but the performance is what is especially notable.  A door opens on the stage and a tiny futuristic one-seater vehicle rolls out with the performer inside.  The entirely of the song, […]