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How (not) to grow pumpkins

I love fall, and I love pumpkins.  To try to keep the spirit of the season alive, we usually keep a small pumpkin in the middle of our dining room table through to spring. For years, we talked about growing our own pumpkins from the seeds of that one on the table after it had […]


It is impossible for me to forget the day one of my favorite people I have ever known walked into my life.  The date is easy to remember: October 10, 2010. It was a Sunday, and we were returning home from buying groceries.  With only about a mile left to go, I saw a figure […]


Everybody knows that song about how the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, and so on.  It wasn’t until I had been practicing yoga for a while that I realized how much truth is in that. Following surgery on my face recently, I started to experience intense discomfort from my glutes through my […]

My Meaning of Life

I believe one has to put their own meaning on their few trips around the sun. My raison d’être is my desire to fall in love every day. By that, I don’t mean love with another person. I am fortunate to have that already. Instead, what I mean is I want to constantly discover movies, […]


It’s a cliché to say every day is a gift, but every day I have lived past July 17th, 2008, has been bonus life.  Or, to use the jargon of video games, my “1UP”. If I am still alive when this is published, it will have been 15 years since I was in a hit-and-run […]

A note on IRS form 1040

Please take note of the following change from previous years’ version of the 1040 form. If the past, taxpayers have been asked if they wish to contribute $3 to the Presidential Election Fund. This is no longer an option. Instead, taxpayers will be asked if they wish to donate to a different, though equally important […]

Movie: Ass (2504)

This review was beamed directly into my sleeping mind from the year 2505.  Apparently, they have yet to build a transmitter strong enough to reach my conscious mind, as most scientific research conducted in the future is dedicated to hair restoration and erectile longevity.  When they briefly succeeded in constructing a transmitter of sufficient power, […]

Of birds and bees

The following was originally written for my work, which had a contest for anecdotes concerning working from home… I have always been a nature lover.  I think it is especially best appreciated when viewed from behind large, plate-glass windows. Working from home has afforded me the opportunity to appreciate the nature in my backyard even […]

Movie Sites I Visit

As I keep saying, I own way too many movies on physical media.  Most of these are films I haven’t seen before.  Some titles are ones I have always been curious about.  Some just have interesting reviews.  In general, I check the external reviews on IMDB and, through that, I notice I tend to visit […]

Taters at the Test

A group of potatoes were watching a cricket test match from the stands.  This was quite an international cast of characters.  Seated together were a May Queen from Japan, an Irish Mizen, a Russian Blue, a French Vitelotte, a Swiss Blaue St. Galler and a Chilean Cabritas.  Rounding out this otherwise sophisticated group was a […]

The Birthday Clock

There was a husband and wife who shared an enthusiasm for a particular aberration. For his birthday, she bought him a wall-mounted clock. It was in the style of traditional European clock-making. It had one unusual feature: each hour, on the hour, a small male and a small female mannequin would exit through a door […]

The Best Christmas of the Year

Today was the best Christmas of this year. Better than the one we celebrated on April 12th. Better than the one we celebrated on August 5th. Far better than the very confusing one we celebrated on September 31st. Even better than the one on December 25th. Yes, today’s was the best Christmas we have celebrated […]