Movie: Ass (2504)

This review was beamed directly into my sleeping mind from the year 2505.  Apparently, they have yet to build a transmitter strong enough to reach my conscious mind, as most scientific research conducted in the future is dedicated to hair restoration and erectile longevity.  When they briefly succeeded in constructing a transmitter of sufficient power, my every waking moment became an endless marathon of the TV show Ow! My Balls!  It was terrifying.

I donn wanna brag but I apreeshe8 2504’s hit movie Ass more than mos.  My IQ iz almost in 3 digitz—80, maybeez 70.  So I enjoy Ass on many levelz. Much more levelz than u

Itz OK people laff jus cuz ass fartz.  Fartz for 60 mins and also 30 more.  Very funny. 

It made big moneyz, like jillion zillion dollarz.  Winz Oscarz for like best pitshur and best screenplay.

But why ass fart?  What is itz motivation?  What doez it say bout human condition?

Evbody like Ass, so best movie evah.  Even people who talk like fagz like Ass.  Anybody donn like Ass mus be tarded and fucked up and shit.

Ne’er mind Prez Commacho order evbody go seez Ass.  It grate movie gardless.  Work on many levelz.

Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.