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Recipe: Vegan mini-quiches

I’m not sure how the idea entered my head, but I decided to make mini-quiches as a side for this year’s Thanksgiving. I made three kinds, all of which had cheese in them; therefore, those weren’t vegan. Simply omit the cheese and, voila, fully vegan quiches. The three varieties I made were: The basics of […]

Recipe: Pesto Pizza

I’m not sure what first inspired me to do this, but I have on occasion made a pesto pizza for a few decades now. I never follow a recipe, and the following is the result of a long period of trial and error.  There are a great many variations one could make to this recipe; […]

Recipe: The Improved Pancake

You know those instant muffin mixes where you just add milk?  The kind that are usually sold in soft-sided packages instead of boxes?  Fun fact: you can turn any of those into pancakes just by adding one egg (or the equivalent amount of egg substitute) in addition to the milk. Now I’m going to take […]

Recipe: Twice-Baked Mashed Potatoes

Yep, that title is correct. I am asked to make my mashed potatoes for every family get-together because these babies are made from potatoes that are quartered and oven-baked before being mashed. Then they are covered with cheese and baked a second time. As decadent as it sounds, though there are many aspects of this […]

Recipe: Vegan egg substitute

I’m a vegetarian, and not a vegan, though I find myself starting to lean in that direction. Primarily, I am concerned about my cholesterol. I have been using soy milk instead of moo juice for at least a decade now. Later, during the pandemic, I couldn’t find my cholesterol-free egg substitute at the grocery, so […]

How to take a certification exam

Last year, I obtained a professional certification that is much desired in the industry in which I work. The certification itself doesn’t matter, and I am not going to name it here. Altogether, it took roughly a year to pass a series of exams that take most people two to five years to complete. This […]

Recipe: Nausea Pie

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places and situations. At Thanksgiving this year, conversation turned to pie (no, not a literal Conversation Pie) and my mother-in-law responded to a question about favorite pies, answering that she likes all pies but what she most likes is crust.  She went on to say she likes it so […]