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Movie: Dead Again (1991)

The IMDB listing for 1991’s Dead Again puts it in the genres of crime, drama, mystery and thriller.  The one it leaves out is comedy, which is how I will remember this feature.  It is so slyly a comedy that not even the film itself might not realize it is one. I will concede one […]

Movie: Sabrina (1954)

Until I saw 1954’s Sabrina, I didn’t realize there was a bad angle from which Audrey Hepburn could be photographed.  And, yet, there is she, perched in a tree and looking slightly up and to the right of the camera.  There is nothing in her appearance at this point which suggests the glamorous fashion icon […]

Movie: The Tijuana Story (1957)

I have never found Reefer Madness as funny as a great many seem to think it is.  Maybe it’s because I have never smoked pot, and I never intend to.  I say this even after the state I reside in recently legalized it for recreational use.  I don’t have any specific reasons for my apathy […]

Movie: A Fistful of Dynamite (1971)

Rape.  When a movie’s lead commits rape in the first few minutes of a picture, it had better be A Clockwork Orange.  I watched 1971’s A Fistful of Dynamite expecting nothing more than dumb fun and a bunch of stuff blowing up.  I don’t think that was too much to ask.  Despite being directed by […]

Movie: Sinister (2012)

Most of the output of horror studio Blumhouse does little for me.  There is the occasional high-concept fare, but I find most of their stuff to be the kind of unmarkable fright films I never find scary.  You can keep your twitchy, fast-slow-fast, spider-walking all over the walls and ceilings undead things. So it really […]

Movie: Penny Paradise (1938)

Nice seems to often to be used as a derogatory term.  That’s a shame, because sometimes one wants a movie that is simply “nice”. 1938’s Penny Paradise is such a film, an effortless confection that is very easy to watch and which is quite enjoyable.  The plot ties itself into some interesting knots I was […]

Movie: Starcrash (1978)

If there’s one thing I can say about the sci-fi movies Roger Corman produced in the late 70’s and early 80’s aren’t, it’s that they aren’t boring.  Not that they’re necessarily any good.  At least 1978’s Starcrash is rated PG.  I didn’t care to experience any more gory excess like what filled Forbidden World, or […]

Movie: Pickup Alley (1957)

I was too old for it when it was a thing, but I remember Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego? was big thing with kids at one time.  1957’s Pickup Alley is like Where In the World Is Trevor Howard?, which I doubt would be as popular.  Also, Howard plays an international narcotics trafficker, […]

Movie: The Revenant (2015)

If there’s one thing a movie like 2015’s The Revenant always does for me, is it reminds me I would be completely useless at any moment in history prior to…let’s say the middle of the 20th century.  I am barely a functioning human being as it is, even with all the technological advances we have […]

Movie: Invaders from Mars (1953)

When I was a really little kid, I thought the front yard of my grandparent’s house was huge.  Admittedly, the house is set further back from the street than any other in that neighborhood, but it didn’t take me long to realize the yard was nowhere near as large as elementary-school-aged me believed. All it […]

Movie: Suburbicon (2017)

2017’s Suburbicon feels like somebody trying too hard to be the Coen brothers, something which never works out well.  What is really confusing is director George Clooney authored the script with the brothers, so now we have the Coens participating in a poor imitation of themselves.  Matt Damon stars in this alongside Julianne Moore and, […]

Movie: The Loreley’s Grasp (1973)

1973’s The Loreley’s Grasp was made by the same people who made 1974’s remarkably bad Night of the Sorcerers.  The only reason I watched the earlier movie is because it was paired with the later film on the same Shout Factory disc.  I set my expectations extremely low going in, and only watched this so […]

Movie: The Long Haul (1957)

1957’s The Long Haul is a UK noir starring Victor Mature as an American who, upon getting his discharge from the service, finds himself making house in Liverpool with his wife (Gene Anderson) and son (Michael Wade).  She arranges a job driving long-haul trucks for her uncle (Wensley Pithey). Mature is less than thrilled with […]

Movie: The Final Programme (1973)

While watching 1973’s The Final Programme, I found myself desperate to know if this was a completely ad-libbed movie.  Despite having some attractive, and expensive-looking sets, this is a movie where characters go from one location to another but often without any reason I could discern.  They exchange dialog, but without any real communication seeming […]

Mating Season (the mix)

As the weather is getting warmer, we see the flowers opening up for pollination. We see the animals preening themselves so as to be most attractive to a desired mate. And we hear those animals making the noises they think will draw the right attention. Unfortunately, in the area where I reside, those sounds are […]