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Movie: Undertow (1949)

I’m still surprised William Castle, famous for his gimmicky horror films, started out making noirs.  Pretty good ones, too, from what I have seen so far.  The first one I saw was 1949’s Johnny Stool Pigeon and now I have seen that same year’s Undertow.  Both films are similar in that each is solid, but […]

Movie: American Buffalo (1996)

“That dyke cocksucker.”  This curious statement is just one of many made by Dustin Hoffman as part of the verbal diarrhea he spews throughout 1996’s American Buffalo.  This is a movie adaptation of the famous David Mamet play.  As always, his dialogue has a certain profane spark to it which you will either finding intriguing […]

Movie: The Invisible Ray (1935)

The production code seriously handicapped some types of films when it went into effect in 1935.  The restrictions made it nigh near impossible for major studios to produce horror pictures.  So, what could Universal do, when they still had Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi?  These were actors whose fame was almost exclusively through their work […]

Movie: Pulse (2001)

J-horror is a genre that hasn’t clicked with me yet.  The only such movie I have really liked so far is Ringu (remade to great success in the US as The Ring).  That movie and its sequels have way too many shots of women looking out on the sea.  When this one opened on a […]

Movie: The Big Bus (1976)

Mad Magazine was a big thing for me when I was the right age for it.  I especially liked the movie parodies in it, even if I had yet to see most of the films they skewered.  I find it funny the first movie to carry the magazine’s brand, Up the Academy, was correctly identified […]

Movie: Moment to Moment (1966)

They broke the mold in 1955 after Henri-Georges Clouzot made Diabolique.  In 1966, they took the few pieces of the mold they could find, crudely taped them back together and made Moment to Moment. This is a thriller without thrills.  At least half of it is little more than a filmed stage play taking place […]

Movie: The Raven (1935)

“The Raven” is, obviously, one of Poe’s most famous works.  Even so, it is bewildering to me why studios have repeatedly thought there is a potential movie in that rather slight material.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 1963 Corman take on it, a comedy which uses the source material as merely a springboard for mayhem.  It […]

Movie: SSSSSSS (1973)

Have you recently experienced peeling skin, increased sensitivity to cold, sudden weight loss and skin that has become green and scaly?  Are you the actor Dirk Benedict?  If you have experienced all of these, you are likely suffering 1973’s SSSSSSS. Additional symptoms of SSSSSSS include an incoherent plot involving Strother Martin as a herpetologist trying […]

Movie: This Island Earth (1955)

Many of the discs I own are partly for the special features.  Some titles I own are only for the special features. I wouldn’t say I bought the Scream Factory blu-ray for 1955’s This Island Earth solely for the special features, but they helped me to better appreciate a film that’s best known for being […]

Movie: The Munsters (2022)

The box of cereal was branded “Agatha Crispies” and had an illustration on it that appeared to be the author after a psychotic break.  This blink-and-you’d-miss-it moment was in Rob Zombie’s debut feature, House of 1,000 Corpses.  It was little things like that, and his encyclopedic knowledge of silent cinema, which had me wondering what […]

Movie: The Black Cat (1934)

There are many dichotomies concerning movies.  For example, you can be a fan of both Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but everybody prefers one or the other.  Similarly, you can like Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, but you can love only one of them.  I am solidly in Camp Karloff, but one can’t deny the […]

Movie: The Asphyx (1972)

One of my favorite recurring characters in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series of books is Death.  It talks in all capital letters.  There is also a death of rats, an appropriately-sized rodent skeleton in a hooded robe and bearing a tiny scythe.  It also talks in all capital letters, though all it can say is, “SQUEAK.” […]

Movie: No Man’s Woman (1955)

I have seen many news articles lately about subpar movies being dumped to streaming services.  These sound to me like the kind of pictures that, back in the days of Blockbuster, one would rent on a Friday night when all of the most desirable titles weren’t available.  Even if the film was enjoyable, you would […]

Movie: Union Station (1950)

Train stations make for great locations in noir pictures, and I love to see real locations used in such films.  In a way, these films serve as a time capsule of an era not long before rail stopped being the primary mode of long-distance travel in the US. 1950’s Union Station takes place largely in […]