Movie: Positive I.D. (1986)

Every one in a while, I will encounter a picture I categorized as a “laserdisc movie”, even if I never owned a copy in that format.  I apply this designation to movies of a kind that largely comprised the laserdisc library I once had, usually small indie films from the late 80s and early 90s, […]

Movie: Rare Exports (2010)

The concept of Krampus has been absorbed into the popular consciousness for a few years now.  I find that curious, despite being able to follow a trend leading through the decades up to this, starting with How the Grinch Stole Christmas in 1966.  Really, this dark and cynical contemporary take on Santa is just an […]

Movie: Holiday Inn (1942)

It always surprises me when a movie as old as 1942’s Holiday Inn has a meta moment in it.  It will be obvious to contemporary viewers the titular building is a set, both inside and out, despite supposedly being a farm in Connecticut.  The surprising bit is near the end, when the set that is […]

Movie: The Bells of St. Mary’s (1945)

In Ingrid Bergman’s autobiography, she writes about how much she enjoyed filming 1945’s The Bells of St. Mary’s.  She attributed that feeling to being able to eat as much ice cream as she wanted, as she is clad throughout the film in a nun’s habit.  I suspect she exaggerated her increased size during this shoot, […]

Recipe: Vegan mini-quiches

I’m not sure how the idea entered my head, but I decided to make mini-quiches as a side for this year’s Thanksgiving. I made three kinds, all of which had cheese in them; therefore, those weren’t vegan. Simply omit the cheese and, voila, fully vegan quiches. The three varieties I made were: The basics of […]

Movie: White Christmas (1954)

I’m not much of a Christmas person.  It isn’t like I actively dislike the holiday.  It isn’t like I have traumatic childhood memories associated with it.  I actually like some music associated with the holiday, even some of the traditional fare.  What I don’t like is the saccharine sweetness of so much Christmas entertainment.  Much […]

Movie: Arthur Christmas (2011)

It has always been difficult to make a stellar Christmas movie, though that doesn’t keep studios from trying every year.  Even in the earlier years of cinema, you had to sit through a lot of dreck around the holidays.  The real miracle of the original Miracle on 34th Street is what an outstanding film that […]

Movie: Comfort and Joy (1984)

Bill Forsyth makes interesting movies.  I doubt I would be able to tell a picture is one of his without knowing that in advance, but the ones I have seen so far have a humanity to them I greatly appreciate.  There’s also a quirkiness that goes beyond expected human behavior but never crosses into anything […]

Movie: Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

I was recently shocked to discover how much I enjoyed 1939’s Remember the Night, which stars Barbara Stanwyck.  This was allegedly a Christmas movie, though I believe it would be enjoyable any time of year.  Six years later, Stanwyck was cast in a yet another Christmas screwball comedy, Christmas in Connecticut. The plot is a […]

Movie: A Study in Terror (1965)

The first thing we see in 1965’s A Study in Terror–the very first frame–is of a woman’s feet as she treads a cobblestone road at night in crimson, high-laced shoes.  It is odd how much is telegraphed by that image, even to one who doesn’t know anything else about the movie they’re about see: this […]