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Movie: The Great Escape (1963)

There are some wildly popular movies I don’t get around to until it seems every other person on Earth has seen them.  I still haven’t bothered watching Titanic, as I suspect I have seen the entire picture in piecemeal fashion through endless clips I’ve been exposed to over the decades.  From what I’ve seen, I […]

Movie: The Lady from Shanghai (1947)

Orson Welles always strikes me as being like an excessively precocious child, always so desperate to impress the adults.  He may have been highly intelligent, but something about his body of work consistently left me with the impression he was insecure.  His arrogance only reinforces my belief. I present as evidence 1947’s The Lady from […]

Movie: Borderlands (2013)

Fair warning to those who are particularly adverse to spoilers, and I hope I’m not giving anything (at least, not too much) away by saying 2013 found footage horror film (really, are there any non-horror found footage films?) Borderlands ends in what may be my favorite closing line of any film.  Heck, the IMDB page […]

Movie: The Lineup (1958)

It doesn’t happen often, but I relish the rare occasion when a movie leaves me buzzing like I’ve had too much coffee.  Well, significantly more coffee than usual, at least.  I drink a lot of coffee. My most recent shot of cinematic adrenaline was courtesy of 1958’s The Lineup.  For an American movie made while […]

Movie: Clash By Night (1952)

Although I have never been much of a fan of Marilyn Monroe, I suspect it is only because I haven’t seen enough movies she was in.  And yet, I can’t deny there is that elusive star quality to her that makes a viewer pay attention to what she is doing whenever she is on screen, […]

Movie: Missile to the Moon (1958)

The 1958 grade-Z sci-fi film Missile to the Moon is so similar to other fare of the time that I had forgotten I had seen it before; albeit, as a Rifftrax.  Given I don’t remember even the riffs, I assume this film wasn’t exactly fertile ground for quips.  I’m just worried I may accidentally reuse […]

Movie: X (2022)

I keep thinking I like the output of studio A24 but, when I really think about it, I have only thoroughly enjoyed The Witch, and that was released a long time ago.  I also keep thinking I like the films of director Ti West, but I really only enjoyed The Innkeepers and that was released […]

Movie: The Monolith Monsters (1957)

I’ve seen sci-fi horror movies where the threat is animal, and at least one where the threat is vegetable, but 1957’s The Monolith Monsters is the first one I can recall seeing where the threat is mineral.  This sci-fi/horror film opens on a shot of the Earth (well, a fairly crude model of the globe) […]

Movie: I Aim at the Stars (1960)

Wernher von Braun was a rocket scientist without whom it is unlikely the Apollo moon mission would have succeeded.  Alas, his rocket skills which were employed by the United States were developed in the V2 rocket program in Nazi Germany.  I didn’t know much about von Bruan before seeing 1960 biopic I Am at the […]

Movie: Topper Returns (1941)

1937’s Topper was an odd movie that rubbed me the wrong way.  I am a big fan of screwball comedies, especially ones starring Cary Grant, but I found it weird he and Constance Bennett were husband and wife ghosts who decide to do a good deed by screwing up the life of Roland Young, who […]

Movie: Lifechanger (2018)

While watching 2018’s Lifechanger, I was reminded of a passage I read somewhere and I had to look it up afterwards.  I was surprised I did not immediately recall the source, as it is from my all-time favorite book.  Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake contains this passage: “I’ll make you mine, lovers said in old […]

Movie: Dead Again (1991)

The IMDB listing for 1991’s Dead Again puts it in the genres of crime, drama, mystery and thriller.  The one it leaves out is comedy, which is how I will remember this feature.  It is so slyly a comedy that not even the film itself might not realize it is one. I will concede one […]

Movie: Sabrina (1954)

Until I saw 1954’s Sabrina, I didn’t realize there was a bad angle from which Audrey Hepburn could be photographed.  And, yet, there is she, perched in a tree and looking slightly up and to the right of the camera.  There is nothing in her appearance at this point which suggests the glamorous fashion icon […]

Movie: The Tijuana Story (1957)

I have never found Reefer Madness as funny as a great many seem to think it is.  Maybe it’s because I have never smoked pot, and I never intend to.  I say this even after the state I reside in recently legalized it for recreational use.  I don’t have any specific reasons for my apathy […]