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Movie: The Sleeping City (1950)

Coleen Gray has a great little speech in this movie.  She’s a nurse and she and a doctor (played by Richard Conte) are taking a smoke break on a balcony.  Gray’s speech is a surprisingly grim assessment of humanity.  Curiously, the actual image in this scene is greyer than anything in any other movie I […]

Movie: 976-EVIL (1988)

Some of the movies I watch I only learned about from books, which is partly why I read so many movie books.  That, and I have no life. I was turned on to Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead in the early 90’s because of a piece I read in Chet Flippo’s book Everybody Was Kung-Fu […]

Movie: Abandoned (1949)

I love film noir, a genre that only became a genre after the fact.  Before French critics coined the term, noir was simply “crime” pictures, usually the lower-budget second feature on a double-bill (or the “B-movie”).  So, while I may prefer to watch a movie of this type before randomly choosing one from most other […]

Movie: The Court Jester (1955)

Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can be beneficial.  I have always said how much I hate musicals.  The more I thought about it, I realized I not only liked some movies with numerous musical sequences (i.e. the Marx Brothers’ Universal films) but I even liked some musical numbers, such as “On The Atchison, […]

Movie: *batteries not included (1987)

“Cute” used to be a word I used only in the pejorative. It would be very easy to dismiss this Spielberg-produced movie.  Of course it would be Spielberg (80’s Spielberg, no less) in that the elderly, eclectic and/or eccentric tenants are about to lose their ancient apartment building to an evil developer, only to have […]

Movie: Still Of The Night (1982)

In a perfect world, Roy Scheider would have been allowed to make exactly one movie in the 70s and 80s where he co-stars with a shark, and then he would have had to spend the rest of that era in thrillers set in New York City. There is something about Scheider that radiates urbane sophistication […]

Movie: The Dead Zone (1983)

It seems that every director with a distinctive, challenging style eventually reigns in their impulses and makes a more conventional feature for a major studio.  Not too long after David Lynch surprised everybody with The Elephant Man, David Cronenberg made the Stephen King adaptation The Dead Zone.  How strange to think both directors also turned […]

Movie: Ordinary People (1980)

Prior to finally seeing this movie, the full extent of what I knew about it was this exchange in The Fisher King: Customer [looking in shock at cover of videotape]: “Ordinary Peepholes?” Clerk: “It’s a big-titty, spread-cheeky kind of thing” It turns out Ordinary People isn’t a big-titty, spread-cheeky kind of thing, but the Best […]

Movie: The Limey (1999)

“You’ve told me this story before” That line is spoken by the 20-something arm candy of Peter Fonda’s character.  “But I don’t mind if you tell it to me again.” This is a pretty apt summary of my feelings about The Limey, Steven Soderbergh’s 1999 movie that shows us a story we seen in many […]

Movie: Dancer In The Dark (2000)

A Lars von Trier musical starring Bjork. Let’s parse that summary to show why Dancer In The Dark should be approached with some trepidation.  If there is one thing I can say about the entirety of von Trier’s filmography, that would be it is provocative. Other than that, there are few consistencies to his work.  […]

Recipe: Nausea Pie

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places and situations. At Thanksgiving this year, conversation turned to pie (no, not a literal Conversation Pie) and my mother-in-law responded to a question about favorite pies, answering that she likes all pies but what she most likes is crust.  She went on to say she likes it so […]

Movie: The Velvet Underground (2021)

I cannot overstate how important the band The Velvet Underground has been in my life. Almost immediately upon my first exposure to them, I strongly identified with a perceived artistic truth and purity in their music.  Something deeply resonated with me despite having never done illegal drugs or engaged in any less-than-conventional lifestyle choices.  On […]

The Best Christmas of the Year

Today was the best Christmas of this year. Better than the one we celebrated on April 12th. Better than the one we celebrated on August 5th. Far better than the very confusing one we celebrated on September 31st. Even better than the one on December 25th. Yes, today’s was the best Christmas we have celebrated […]